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About Me

I am a former finance professional and a continuing lifelong learner born and raised in the Bay Area. I am currently living in San Francisco, California. My interests range from politics to economics, in addition to coding. My philosophy is << Is it interesting that for one to understand uncertainty, one must first know the logic towards certainty? >> I am currently trying to switch from finance into a software/tech focused career.

I have graduated from UC Berkeley in 2016 with a Bachelor's in Poltical Economy and I have attained an additional post-bacc (Post-baccalaureate) degree in Computer Science at Oregon State University in 2022.

What motivated me to fully commit to learning Computer Science was from various conversations with several friends upon my future career endeavors since 2019. Ultimately, I have decided upon the CS degree route due to the pandemic happening since 2020 for the theoretical and practical standpoint through the fundamentals. I was able to discover the CS program from a middle school friend who had since moved to Oregon and had graduated from that University. There's also a Reddit, Slack, and several communities organized around this post-bacc program. Nonetheless, special thanks to everyone's advices!

Ever since 2016, at UC Berkeley and at one of my former workplaces, I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge of Excel through applied introductory Computer Science and Discrete Math concepts. Excel is just one giant organized table and calculator after all. Feel free to view my training document by clicking here.


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